Alton Sherick

Alton Sherick, Nashville, TN

I began my love affair with clay in 2012 after taking my first class at Centennial Arts Center.  As I put my hands in clay for the first time, a new passion was formed.  I could not produce pieces fast enough in the weekly class and by the end of the year had set up my own garage studio.  Receiving encouragement from local potters Donna Rizzo and Tom Turnbull certainly helped in moving me forward.  I look for inspiration all around me, and many of my pieces are inspired by nature.  I prefer asymmetrical designs and tend to have something unexpected in each piece.  Everything by hand in the studio, so no two pieces will be the same.   Experimenting with texture and color palettes continue to create a natural evolution in every piece.  My work is somewhat spontaneous, and I strive for a non-manicured organic look in most of my pieces.  Each unique creation is designed to be fun and beautiful.