Amber Wallace


Amber Wallace, Franklin TN

Amber was a double major in theatre performance and studio art in college.  After school she went to work professionally at the Roxy Regional Theatre in Clarksville, TN as a performer/set painter.  Amber filled her days with rehearsal and set painting, with performances in the evening. 

      Committed to preserving pieces of what has come before her, Amber enjoys being a full-time artist working out of her home studio.  On occasion, she is still called upon to do some set painting. Her mixed media paintings are executed on antique door panels, vintage barn wood, old window frames, even abandoned drawers and cutting boards:  things that have been forgotten or thrown away.  By repurposing these items she transforms them into whimsical works of art, thus giving them a new life and a new story.  Her mediums include acrylic paint, oil pastels, and vintage papers.  Wallace is based out of Franklin, TN and finds inspiration in nature, spirituality, history, and, of course, her baby girl, Posey.