Claudia Lee

Claudia Lee, Liberty, Tennessee

Claudia Lee was born in New York City and moved to Tennessee in 1967. Here she began her artistic life as a handweaver, spinner and dyer of yarn. She also started the Overmountain Weavers Guild and served as Tennessee’s representative for The Handweaver’s Guild of America.

Upon meeting a fellow textile artist who also made paper, Lee’s attraction to her craft was immediate, and she has honed this craft for more than 20 years. Claudia’s paper is handmade from sustainable raw plant materials, many of them locally grown, cooked, beaten into pulp, and formed into sheets of paper. Her studio is a working/teaching facility that welcomes visitors and students. She is the author of Papermaking; included in 500 Handmade Books: Inspiring Interpretations in a Timeless Form (both published by Lark Books), and represented in over 20 additional books, three published in 2008. Recently, Claudia was invited to make the paper for part of the prestigious juried portfolio in Hand Papermaking magazine. One of her stunning pieces was recently chosen for the private collection of the Nashville Public Library.