Ken Gaidos

Ken Gaidos, Nolensville, TN

I have been a turner since 2003 when my wife called me into the great room to watch Norm Abrams cut a chunk of log off, split it and turn a side grain bowl on TV. I said, “I can do that”. So, I got my chainsaw and ventured into the woods on our farm, cut off a piece of ash, mounted it on my $200 Rigid lathe and turned my first bowl.

I turn in a shop, plain and simple, nothing fancy. It is in a barn built in 1926 on our farm.  Woodturning has now dominated my waking hours. I enjoy turning many different forms from bowls to hollow forms. I wish I could settle on one or two basic forms and perfect those. However, I have not yet been able to achieve that goal. I want to try everything.