Lizabeth Kidwell

Lizabeth Kidwell, Nashville, TN

My first conscious thought of who I am became my first memory with the acknowledgement of my accomplishments in one of my first art classes. My sculpture of mother and child was chosen to be exhibited at the children museum in Houston, Texas. I am a resident of middle Tennessee, but was born in Houston where I studied art and design at The University of Houston and the Art Institute. I also studied classical ballet from the age of ten through my early twenties. As time went on, I started my family at the age of twenty-nine. Painting has always been where the tires burn for me. Children, animals, my faith, family and friends have flamed these fires. My paintings are the piece of my soul that belongs to that little girl and her conscious thought that she is an artist. Being an artist is not a career, but a lifetime of self discovery. I continue to look for life without outlines.