Tom Turnbull

Tom Turnbull, Nashville, TN

Many people dream about the life they'd like to lead. Tom Turnbull is living it. But Tom's dream to become a potter didn't happen overnight. It's a quest that began more than 35 years ago with a three-year apprenticeship, where he discovered his sense of form and the secrets of clay and glazes.

As Tom continued to develop and perfect his work, he founded Nashville's center for ceramic supplies, Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company. He invented Opulence GlaceTM, a highly acclaimed line of glazes that is sold around the world. Still he longed for the day when he could devote his full attention to creating unique works of art from his home studio. When the opportunity arose to sell this flourishing business, Tom knew it was time to live his dream.

Beauty Meets Function

As Tom continues to evolve, his work takes on a life of its own, emerging as much from his heart as from his hands. Each piece is equally welcome in a museum or on a dinner table. Examples of Tom's work can be found on permanent display in the lobby of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. You'll also find his dinnerware gracing the tables of a five-star restaurant and in the homes of collectors around the world.

As a practical matter, all pieces are durable, as well as dishwasher and microwave-safe.

"My work is meant to be held and used on a daily basis. It's the best way to develop a relationship with the piece."

Signature Trademark

Tom's porcelain pieces are meticulously created one at a time. No two are identical, yet they all reflect a sense of unity. Beyond the simple elegance of style that is characteristic of his work, Tom strategically places his "signature thumbprint" on every piece. This distinguishing feature has great meaning to Tom as a reminder that each piece was made by human hands. Because pottery is made to last thousands of years, someone, some day many years from now, may still feel a personal connection with the hand artistry involved. "Go ahead, put your thumb and finger there. You'll see what I mean."

We hope you enjoy your unique creation for generations to come.