Tommie Goodman

Tommie Goodman , Nashville, TN


Born on New Year’s Eve in 1951, Tommie spent the first five years of her life traveling the Northwestern United States with her parents.Tommie’s unconventional childhood guided the development of her artwork. The family moved to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia in the early 1970s, where Tommie studied Chinese brush painting, a practice she incorporates into her artwork today. Tommie finished high school in New Orleans and earned her BFA in Interior Design from Louisiana State University.


Deeply influenced by the beauty of God’s creation and inspired by her passion for gardening, Tommie’s multi-layered artworks are dominated by radiant blossoms, detailed foliage, and vivid insects. Her medium consists of a mixture of ink, graphite, colored pencils, watercolors, and acrylic paints, reflecting a broad range of influences including Audubon, Robert Schultz, Georgia O’Keefe, and Dr. Suess.